How AMOT was founded

We started out with the plan to become an online watch stockist. While we sourced around for watches to carry, we had a problem - we just couldn't agree on the designs due to our different tastes.

We kept thinking "If only the bezel was this colour instead", "It'll be perfect if we could merge these 2 designs."

It led to the gradual revelation of 2 major problems with the existing watch market.


Watch versatility only meant a design minimal enough to go with everything. That to us wasn’t the true definition of versatile.

Definite designs

Not only was it difficult to find the ideal design due to lack of customisation, if we wanted a change in colour or design after purchase, we had to get a new watch.

The solution? We needed a watch we could customise and also transform whenever we want, however we like.

That was how AMOT was born.

By bringing the modular concept to watches, you can now build your ideal watch combination and also enjoy true versatility by changing whichever watch component you want to fit your needs! AND enjoy cost savings too because you no longer need to buy a whole new watch anymore.

With AMOT, you can Create it, Wear it and Transform it.


We value individuality, we embrace change.


It's the reason why we go to sleep with one dream and wake up with another.
Remember how you wanted to be an astronaut at three? That's ok, it's NASA's
loss .

We're all different.
Not just different from each other, but different from who we were yesterday.

That's not surprising!
We're constantly recreating our purpose and transforming ourselves.
We're always changing.

And that's why we're here.

This is a place where you matter.
This is a place where what you want matters and where your change matters.

That's why the AMOT watch is created by you and evolves with you.

The deeper meaning behind A MATTER OF TIME

Beyond our watches being “Matters” of time, “A matter of time” is an expression of eventuality.

During the bad times, it’s easy to think “It’s only a matter of time before it passes.”
At AMOT, we believe in taking action to make it pass. We create our own eventuality.

During the good times, it’s easy to forget “It’s only a matter of time before it passes.”
At AMOT, we don’t sit around and let it slip away, we work to sustain it.

In essence, no matter the phase we are in, we believe in working hard for what we want, and that is what AMOT is to us. Creating and wearing an AMOT watch is our reminder of this belief.